Sunday, August 23, 2009

burning some chapter in my life

hahaha.. its been a long time since i update my blog.. hurm.. many thing have happened and i think i might taking wrong road (200km/h in the wrong lane- speed that can achieved by mr D)..
in youth time people just wanna try sumthing new.. been there.. and i dunt know its the right things..
damaged have been done and time cant be reversed, like a broken glass, if u can fix it, its still not the same.. things already happened.. so, from now i will live on consequent.. but its been an interesting experiences..
so, for damage control, im trying to distract myself with other things..
i really wanna burn this chapter into ashes with no memories of it..

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Another Closing CHApter

Closing another chapter of my studie.. closing chapter doesn’t mean it’s the end., well just like a book, we always can review back wut happened.. well mny things happened, the good, and the bad.. for the bad one I want to leave all that behind.. locked in a room that cant be open.. sumtimes I think can I erase that? nope, certainly not.. y? because that’s the thing make my life interesting.. learning a things or two to grew up..

So, the next chapter of studies in Ump will be in July.. about 2 month from now.. new student, new place to stay, new subject but not the lecturers.. n who knows, new frend? =p wut will happen? That’s the things we will never know now..

Its time to party. =p luv u all

Thursday, April 9, 2009


tricking sumone under one purpose, to entertain urself, for humor. undersome condition, prank will not be sumthing funny for u or the victim.. in a way or other, sum1 may get injured.. n the outcome will hit urself..

prank maybe okay if its a small thing n u think all the possibilities outcome which is have no or minmal negative outcome..

watch out guys n boys, maybe u prank sumbody today, but who knows tommorrow will be u?


i like to prank people but not to be prank by other people.. ekeke... no injuries occur.. ekeke

Thursday, April 2, 2009


The LESsOn To END WorlD WAR 3 for DummiES

SteP No 1:
dont point a finger to others when sumthing happened, just face the mirror n think.. maybe the ignition is in urself, n u might know the ugliest part urself..

SteP No 2:
u shouldnt be a fuel to light up sumthing that seems to be fade off..
because sumtimes, the fire will be much bigger than before.. u might get burned because of it..
n injuries from it take a long.. long... long time to recover. n importantly its a messy n hurt..

StEP No 3:
listen what have u said.. dont be a two faces, talking A doing B.. when talking B doing C.. or siad dont doing this, but actually u are doing it.. like "lets make peace", but u actually still attacking that party.. walking around with smiling face and angel to be, but ur shadow are actually a devil with two horn..

SteP No 4:
when the other party ceased fire in a war, u should too.. dont ever think ur side are winning, because maybe the party that ceased fire dont want a messy outcome of this..
just back off, shut up n live ur life...

*this pic its not mine, i take it from
so, credit goes to this site.. nice pic..

Sunday, March 29, 2009

InduStriaL ViSit

6.00 am
so sleepy, but its time to wake up guys...
like mr Fi said, 'bas gerak kul 6.30, lmbt tinggal, xde tunggu2'

6.30 am
my, my, some of us couldnt make it to this trip because of unexpected things...
to miss N, we heard u got headache.. may u recover soon...

2 hours n 30 minutes trip
Well, in a long trip, wutelse u can do? MUSIC, TAlKING N SLEEPING.. which one better? Mmmmm… =p
We have stopped for breakfast sumwhere in kemaman… nasi lemak n the tarik is my fav..

GPP B (Consist of plant 5 n 6 n dcpu 3)
Arrived around 10.00 a.m
All I can said – HOT n COoL!!!

after briefing, we went into the site, we also get to see the controll centre..
this visit end with lunch..

Saturday, March 28, 2009

what HaPPend On Friday (27MArCH)

no, no.. dont be threaten by this blog title, no one to blast this friday...

THe 7.45 a.m wake UP n 8.00 a.m class

oh no.. we LAte.. i dont set the alarm n mr H juts set it 7 p.m. my, my mr H at 7 p.m, birds flies back to nest not out the nest.. no offence mr H just kidding.
shocking event hre, mr Ai is already at our house, wow, maybe he get a really good sleep or is it about assignment that he didnt finish? =p ekeke

MIss D anD drivinG lIceNSE

CoNgrateS MIss D.. guess u pulled the right gear, right? or the other gear to pass? ekeke...


Confession of a shopaholic – really fun, a good combination of comedy n romantic elemant. Another info for those who wants to watch, its only at Lotus. Happy watching.. =)

Satay AyAm N terminal satay Zul

3rd time here for me n for the rest im here with is the first time (excluding mr K, don’t know how many times he eat here)
Menu for 5 peoplES
Nasi lemak+telur = 1
Nasi lemak + telur + ayam goreng=3
Mee bakso=1
Satay ayam =50

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The TRuth fROm OTHEr side...

my my, sumbody just said to me 'it wasnt me'.. i wonder whut she talk about...

'itu bkn akak, akak syp because syp lbih baik dr berckp'

well if she want to tell the truth, she must said it right? no one knows if she keep queit no one knows.

the fact:

1. the story is base on what happened not from me.

2. all involved already knew before the blog been post.

3. the post is to make things clear. so, if its lies, just tell the truth.

To my beloved blog reader, the blog of 'what happend last friday" will be deleted.. so, just ask her for the true story..

my attention to clears things are wrongly read.. =)

2 Hours before delete.. tik tok.. tik tok..